2 Player Adventure
Hide and Seek
Guess the Word
Nov 19, 2017
-Thanks for making levels, we are receiving lots of level submissions. Most of the levels are broken/incomplete/non-sense so we have to discard them and there are lots of creative/good/complete levels so we are adding those levels time to time. We hope that community will continue making "Good Levels"
-Added +3 new levels made by the community in "2 player adventure" mode. See credits
-Updated the website design, It's now responsive to multi resolution devices (phone/tablets etc...)
-Level's data will download faster as they are less in size because of compression.
-In editor, camera was following only the 1st player, but now will also follow other 2nd player.
Nov 13, 2017
-"2 Player Adventure" editor is now available to make levels. You can find the editor and it's tutorial link on the "2 Player Adventure" page
-A bug fixed where platforms sometime get out of sync with server
-Improved level loading time.
Nov 10, 2017
-All 17 levels has updated to be able to complete under 02:30 minutes. Also, some glitches have fixed in maps
-"2 Player Adventure" mode size has reduced from 1032KB to 48KB. Thanks to dynamic level loading module
-I am working on "2 Player Adventure" mode's editor where anyone can create their own levels and can publish so that others can play it. The editor will complete and will be available for use in 3 days hopefully.
-The game will soon be able to play through a phone / tablet browser
Oct 23, 2017
-Fixed the bug where on exit gate touch players get yellow color immediately on client side without server validation
-Fixed the bug where rotating things go out of sync with the server
-Fixed some skin issues
-Improved client and server side
Oct 19, 2017
-Added +1 new level in "Two Player Adventure" mode
-Randomize the levels ordering in "Two Player Adventure" mode
-Fixed the bug where players can jump higher through some invisible blocks
-Updated the "Hide & Seek" mode map like some hiding places where players get stuck and not able to get out also added some hiding spots
Sep 29, 2017
-Added +1 new level in "2 Player Adventure" mode
-Fixed the servers crashing bug
Sep 28, 2017
-Added +1 new level in "2 Player Adventure" mode
Sep 27, 2017
-Added +1 new level in "2 Player Adventure" mode
-Fixed the bug where on room join wrong name displays in the Leaderboard
-Fixed the bug where players can't jump on appearing/disappearing platforms controlled by buttons
Sep 25, 2017
-Fixed the bug where it says all servers are full even if there is space.
-Decreased the kickout timeout for AFK players
-Servers crashing bug have fixed now on "Two Player Adventure" mode.