Aug 21, 2017
-Fixed the bug where if you join the room and the room is full then the page disappears
-Fixed the bug where when clicked on "PLAY" button then it sometime give popup and reload the page
-Majour update of "Hide And Seek" mode is coming soon
Aug 20, 2017
-Lag issue in "Two Player Adventure" mode has Fixed now.
Aug 16, 2017
-Added +1 NEW level in 2 Player Adventure mode
-Fixed the issue where sometime next level starts without waiting for all to die or all to touch the exit gate
-Sometime at level start some people were already ghost, now has fixed
-Fixed the exit gate counter wrong value
-Let me know if there is any issue except the lag as I'm already working on it
Aug 14, 2017
-Added +2 NEW levels in 2 Player Adventure mode
Aug 13, 2017
-New gameplay for 2 player adventure has added
-Added +10 completely new levels
-Players per server limit has cut down by 50% to reduce lag.
-Added leaderboard
-Improved the jump function
-Hitting poison/spike will turn you into Ghost.
-Added +4 new skins (Goku, Spiderman, Ironman, Hulk)
-Added nice effect for chatting, now continue doing chat without hitting enter to clear text
-Improved the connection establishment feature to connect to nearest server with less latency.
-Due to added support in editor for making complex figures by combining shapes, now you'll find more diverse stuff in levels
-Some characters on keyboard like "(" were not working, now has fixed
-Holding "Ctrl" key for 3 sec. will turn you into ghost, useful when you get stuck.
-Ghost can't interact with environment & can't get scores.
-Now you can't set empty or spaces only name. You should have identity in game.
-Updated lever function, lever can only be pulled if all the attached platforms are in rest. This function prevents pulling lever back n forth again and again.
-There is exit gate. Faster you access the gate more you get the scores.
-Touching the gate will turn your name into yellow indicating that you have reached the exit gate
-Added link to temporarily access Old 2 player Adventure mode